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The specialist experience of LENTI management is a valid asset to the company and also to its market contacts. The nerve centre in the costant implementation of the company know-how is the Research & Development department, involved in the creation and testing of innovative and personalised products.
The R&D department also has the task of always Keeping the collaboraton dialogue with the control and certification bodies, laboratories of important chemical companies producing raw material and research centres active.
This involvement is part of the company "Quality System", based on the application of precise production
Know-how and Quality:"Transparent" Values
and control procedures intented to guarantee maximum respect for the supply specifications.
The company technicians are available  to assist  customers in both the industrial engineering stage of the products and for all requirements connected with their certification, also relying on the fact that the technicians are part of the commision of the principal italian and international standard-setting bodies

The health of all the human beings and the safeguard of our environment are strongly connected to our activities of business.
Every industrial choice comes, consequently, taking in consideration all  health aspects , to the safety and the environmental safe.
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